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Bulk Plan Changes

The Bulk Plan Change tool allows clients on our MVNO platform to change plans on multiple MDNs at once.

The User Group Rule "Allow Bulk Plan Changes" must be enabled for a user to have access to this tool.

Access the Bulk Plan Change tool from the Tools sub-menu on the Customer Care screen:

Click Bulk Plan Change and you will see:

Complete the fields as follows:

Current PlanYSelect the name of the current plan you wish to change from

Only Service Plans (no Add-Ons) will be displayed in the drop-downs. However, if an MDN has an associated child purchase, the child purchase will be cancelled and replaced by the New Plan, and its associated child purchase, if applicable.

If an Auto-Renew Plan is selected as the New Plan, you must enable User Group Rule "Allow Purchase of Auto Renew Plans."

New PlanYSelect the name of the new plan you wish to change to
FileYUpload a CSV file with the MDNs for which the plan change should be effected.Your file should contain a single column of data (MDNs) and no header row. All MDNs in the file must be associated with the same Current Plan.


  • The file limited to 10,000 records, which will be processed in 10 1000-record jobs.
  • The tool will validate that the Current Plan is correct on the list of MDNs uploaded and that the MDNs are associated with a status of In-Use, Pending, or Consumed. If any MDNs cannot be validated, the system will fail the batch and display a message that identifies the first failed MDN.  Since the file may contain additional failed MDNs, it is recommended that you carefully review your file for accuracy before resubmitting the task. 
  • Only non-expired plans can be changed. 
  • If all the MDNs match, the system changes the plan and sets new purchase to match the existing purchase state/status (ie. if original MDN was under 'Hotline, Pending Activation' for the Current Plan, it will be the same under the New Plan).
  • Error processing is real-time on the screen (field validation) and in validating that the Current Plan selected on the screen matches the plan associated with the MDN in the file that is being uploaded.
  • If no error conditions exist, the plan associated with the MDNs is changed to the New Plan via the Delay Job Processing and an email is sent to the user upon completion. 
  • This feature is currently for MVNOs only, although the User Group Rule to enable the feature is available to all clients. If a reseller accesses the Change Bulk Plan screen the Current Plan and New Plan drop-down lists will be empty.

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