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Customer Care Overview

Customer Care is accessed from the main toolbar:

You can either search for a customer using the search box.  Customers can be searched by name, MDN, Account, or ESN.

Recently Opened 

The main screen of Customer Care displays a list of recently opened orders:

On this page

Account Overview

Once you click on a customer's Account number, you will see basic information about the Account, including the telephone number, handset information, plan information, remaining minutes/text/data in the current period, and more:

Only Resellers will see an indicator for a Lifeline subscriber in the Services area and the company and Agent name (if available) in the Business Information area. 


Lifeline Program Information

Pay particular attention to the Important Information area, which will display the message "Customer Verification has failed or needs to be updated with NLAD/Xerox" as appropriate for the vendor you are using. The example above shows an NLAD failure; if the vendor had been Xerox, the only difference would be that "Xerox" would appear where you see "NLAD."  You can now edit the customer information.  Upon saving your edits, you will see a link to "Submit Customer Information now" just below the failure message in Important Messages.  This link appears any time changes are made to the customer's information (see NLAD Processing for details). You can either manually submit the updated customer information to NLAD or allow the daily submission task to perform the submit for you.

Also included in the "Important Information" box will be the subscriber's Lifeline renewal date: "This customer's Lifeline certification will expire on MM-DD-YYYY." This date will be displayed at all times unless you open a ticket with BeQuick and request that the renewal date not be displayed until a certain number of days prior to expiration, using custom rule DAYS_BEFORE_RENEWAL_TO_DISPLAY_LIFELINE_RECERTIFICATION_DATE.

Services Detail

Clicking on the phone number in the Account Overview will provide you with details such as telephone, carrier, plan, and features information.  If the Carrier providing the service for the telephone number is an enabled Carrier on the Fusion OCS, you will also see a button labeled View OCS CSR.  Clicking this button will provide you with the real time line status and remaining balances for all services.

Functions Common to Resellers and MVNOs

The Customer Care functions that are common to MVNOs and Resellers include those shown below.  Click each link to be taken to the page that describes how to access and use the function. 

Resellers will see a menu option for Services, while MVNOs will see a services area in the main account area of a customer account.

MVNO Functions

The following functions are available to MVNOs only.  Click each link to be taken to the page that describes how to access and use the function. 

Reseller Functions

The following functions are available to Resellers only.  Click each link to be taken to the page that describes how to access and use the function. 

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