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Latest Releases

        Changes in this Release PlanList API. Added detail to the sample response for the PlanList API. Issues Resolved in this Release  Xerox File Service Type. Made change to Xerox file processing to ensure that the correct code for wireless or wireline service is being transmitted.  
        Changes in this Release GetDevceInfo. Modified the GetDeviceInfo API to be usable by Resellers as well as MVNOs. Self-Registration in Customer Portal. Created custom rule that, when enabled for "PIN," requires the subscriber to enter a PIN when registering in the customer portal. Issues Resolved in this Release  Query PortIn Status API. Resolved bug that was preventing the QueryPortInStatus API from executing. The API is now functioning as expected.  
        Changes in this Release New Output in Customized Report. Added "Time Closed" as an output option to the Repair section of the Customer Repairs customizable report. Issues Resolved in this Release  Batch Deactivation. Resolved bug that was preventing batch deactivations of MDNs from processing. The "Deactivate MDNs" feature is now functioning as expected.  
        Changes in this Release "View Recent Usage" Date. The "View Recent Usage" report, created when clicking this option in a customer record, has been expanded to display the last 90 days of usage (previously displayed 30). This applies to all instances of this report in all portals. Issues Resolved in this Release  Custom Questions. Moved the location of and clarified the text in the error box that appears when a custom question is not answered during online ordering.…
        Changes in this Release View Bill in New Tab. Made modification so that when subscribers click on the view bill link from the customer portal, the bill opens in a new tab. Customer Account Enhancements, Added a Lifeline indicator and Business Information on the customer overview screen available to Resellers. See Customer Care. CustomerInvoiceDetails API. Added unit information to the CustomerInvoiceDetails Response. Issues Resolved in this Release  Lifeline Flag Setting.…
      Changes in this Release Receipt Printing in Agent Portal. Added the ability to print a receipt with a description of the SKU purchased and a signature line for credit card purchases via the Agent portal. System Status Enhancements. Made changes to the format/organization of the System Status page so that each status type being reported on has its own sub-page.  
      Changes in this Release Customer Invoices Report. Added two new outputs to the Customer Invoices report: Tax Description and Tax Type ID. These allow differentiation of taxes on the same level. Issues Resolved in this Release  Order vs Account Status. Resolved bug that was causing the entire account status to be indicated as Inactive when an order was canceled. As such, accounts with multiple orders/lines were being marked as Inactive.…
      Changes in this Release NPA FIlter in Customizable Reports. Added the ability to filter the Customer Telephones report by NPA . See Customizable Reports Reason Code in SwapESN API. Added the ability to include a reasonCode in the SwapESN API. Issues Resolved in this Release  Notes Import. Resolved issue that prevented Notes imports from occurring in Fusion. The Notes Data Imports feature is working as expected now.…
  Changes in this Release PortInfo in CustomerProfile Response. Added portInfo node to the response of the CustomerProfile API. OverrideExpireDate in Purchase API. Added the ability to include an optional overrideExpireDate field in the Purchase API. If left blank, this will default to the purchase plan settings. Updated Lifeline Income Levels. Updated customer online ordering to reflect USAC's latest federal poverty guidelines for use in Lifeline qualification.…
  Issues Resolved in this Release  NLAD Line Loss. Ensured that when running a task that will gather a report from NLAD to identify and disconnect subscribers that have transferred out, subscribers with both "deenrolled" and "transferout" statuses are processed.