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Subscriber Identity Verification

BeQuick has integrated with LexisNexis to provide enhanced lifeline customer data verification.  This integration involves multiple areas of functionality, including the use of an Identify Verification tool that can be used to view the data returned by LexisNexis. The purpose of the verification is to ensure that key data provided by the customer – name, address, date of birth, and social security number – are accurate and verifiable.  Using the tool allows you to see what issues exist in your customer data so that you can make business decisions about how to handle various risk factors.

Enabling the Tool

To use this tool, you must turn on a custom rule: FUSION_LEXIS_NEXIS_ENABLE.  Your Account Manager can handle this for you.  You must then turn on the user group rule "Allow Identity Verification." Once enabled, you will see the Identity Verification tool on the Customer Care tab:

Verifying Customer Information

Click Identity Verification from the Tools menu.

Complete all required fields and press Verify Identity.  You will see a Transaction ID as well as several scores and risk factors, as shown and described below.

NAS Score - This is a Name, Address, and SSN summary score.  You will see the specific value and meaning in the NAS Score box.  Other possible responses are:

CVI Score - This is the Comprehensive Verification Index, which summarizes the verification matches found in the NAS (described above) and NAP (name, address, and phone - not shown) indexes. You will see the specific value and meaning in the CVI Score box.  Other possible responses are:

DOB Match Level - This score reports the confidence level of the match of the input DOB and the DOB found for the consumer. As with the previous fields, you will see the specific value and meaning in the DOB Match Level box.  Other possible responses include:

Risk Information - This score, or scores, reports the various risks associated with the input data.  It is not uncommon to see multiple risk scores returned. Risk score values and their meanings will be displayed in the box.  The full list of possible values and meanings is shown below:

View XML

If desired, you can click the View XML button to see the actual XML returned from LexisNexis:

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