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Purchase Information

A Purchase is how an MVNO creates a plan or top-up for use on a customer's account.  Entering a purchase creates an order, which is posted to the customer's account. You will see an option for Purchases on the left-side menu when you are viewing a customer account:

Once you click on Purchases, you will see a list of all purchases made by the customer:

Click on the ID of any purchase you wish to view additional information for, and a detail area will display:

You can view:

  • Plan
  • Status
  • Activation Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Services Included and remaining minutes/messages/data in the current billing period
  • Product ID
  • Product Type
  • Purchase Date
  • Original Value
  • Credit Remaining
  • Cancelled by - If the purchase has been cancelled, the name of the user who cancelled it (will appear on the parent purchase only)
  • Cancelled at - If the purchase has been cancelled, the date and time it was cancelled (will appear on the parent purchase only)

Click Payment Information to view detail about the last payment:


There are several actions you can take from the Purchases screen.

You can click on the Edit Account link at the top of the screen to edit the customer's account.

From the left-side menu, you can generate a Commission Chargeback or New Purchase or perform a PIN Lookup.

New Purchase

Once you click the New Purchase link, you will see the Post Purchase screen.  This screen will present all products that are available for purchase, along with their description and price.  You select the product for purchase by clicking inside the button next to its name.  You must then complete the payment information at the bottom of the screen:

The Payment Types you can select are those that were defined in Payment Types.  Click Post Purchase to complete the purchase. 

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