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Fusion provides two ways clients can review subscriber-provided documents:  through the standard Document Review process or through Real-Time Document Review.  This page describes the latter functionality.  The process involves multiple steps, as shown below.

Step 1 - Enable the Rule

The first step is to ask your Account Manager to enable the rule, REAL_TIME_DOC_REVIEW_FOR_AGENTS. 

Note that the ORDERING_LIFELINE_REVIEW rule must already be enabled, as described in Document Review.

Step 2 - Ordering Profile Changes

Once the rule above is enabled, you will see a new option in the Agent Portal of Ordering Profiles:

You must set the Enable Real Time Document Review option to Yes.

Step 3 - Agent Rule Tab Change

Once the rule above is enabled, you will also see a new option on the Rules tab of Agent Care:


If you select No, processing will occur as described in Override Process.

If you select Yes, processing will occur as described below. 

The Force Document Approval for Order Completion setting defaults to No, so if you choose to force document approval for all agents you will need to update each agent that should have this restriction.

Step 4 - Online Order

Once the above steps have been completed, you will see newly worded questions in the Agent Online Order screen:

  1. Airtime and a new device that will be shipped to me - select this to trigger the drop-ship process
  2. Airtime and a new device that will be given to me now - select this if you are selling/giving the subscriber a phone from inventory. This will usually be a pre-activated device or a device that will be immediately activated. There will be no prompt for device ID as this will occur after document approval.
  3. Airtime only (Bring your own device/BYOD) - Select this when the subscriber has an existing device s/he wishes to activate. There will be no prompt for device ID as this will occur after document approval

 Plan selection will be determined by the device's network and whether the subscriber has provided Lifeline eligibility. 

In all cases, if the documents are rejected the order will remain in a pending status, so that an employee can modify the order and obtain the necessary documents from the subscriber.  This will be done by an employee and not by the agent.  It will be the agent's responsibility to contact their reseller company to handle these orders.

Step 5 - Employee Document Review 

Once the order has been placed, it will go into a Pending status and appear in the Document Review queue:

The employee clicks on the ID link, which displays the order details and documents:

If the custom rule, ELIGIBILITY_INFO_IN_EMPLOYEE_DOC_REVIEW has been enabled, then the employee will be prompted to provide information about the subscriber's qualifying document:

When the rule is enabled, the fields shown above are moved to the Employee document review screen, allowing the employee to enter this information during their review process, and are no longer displayed during ordering process for Agents.

If name on documentation is different from customer, fields for the first and last name, DOB, and last 4 of SSN will be displayed and are required. The last 4 of SSN cannot be '0000'.


If LexisNexis identify verification is being used, the LexisNexis scores will also be displayed to the employee:

The employee then either approves or rejects the documents. 

Step 6 - Agent Customer Care

An option will appear on the Customer Care menu in the Agent Portal:

The Agent can search for orders by clicking the Orders link:


The Agent will be able to see the status of the order:

An approved order is shown above.  Orders that are rejected will be displayed in red and those that are pending will be displayed in blue.  The agent can click on the Order ID to see details about the order, including the reason code in the case of rejection, and the LexisNexis scores on all orders (assuming LexisNexis has been enabled; otherwise, this information will not be present) .

If an ESN is needed on the order, the Agent will enter it after the documents have been approved.  The ESN will be validated to ensure that the unit is available and that the inventory type matches that of the plan selected.  If the ESN is not valid for the plan, the Agent will see a message in the Activation Status, "Unit cannot be used with this order.  Mismatch inventory type":


GSM Devices

 If a GSM device is chosen for the ESN/SIM entry, you will have the option to also add an IMEI for the handset: 

Various checks will be performed to determine if the entered IMEI is present in inventory. 

Note: The IMEI and ESN are checked independently, not as members of a kit. A valid, inventoried IMEI will be accepted regardless of whether it is kitted with the entered ESN.

This option does not apply to drop-ship orders. On a drop-ship order neither the ESN or IMEI entry box will appear. 

If a CDMA device is chosen in the ESN/SIM entry, the IMEI entry will not appear. 

Fusion also checks to ensure that carrier on the inventory unit used corresponds to the carrier on the plan selected.  If the carrier does not match, the Agent will not be able to submit order with the ESN used. The possible error messages displayed are:

  • Unit cannot be used with this order. Carrier mismatch between Inventory Unit and Order.
  • Inventory unit is missing carrier. Carrier is required for an inventory unit to be used with an order. 
  • Unit cannot be used with this order. Order is missing carrier. 

If the ESN is valid, the agent will see "ORDER INSTANTLY COMPLETED" in the Activation Status field:

If the order was a dropship order, it will be processed and submitted immediately following Document Approval and will be found under COMPLETED orders in the search. 

Override Process

Override Process

In the override process, the Agent will complete the order as usual (refer to New Order to see the standard order process). The order will complete, leaving only the subscriber's eligibility documents in a pending status. An employee will then review the documents as described in Employee Document Review, and the Agent will be able to review the acceptance/rejection as shown in Agent Customer Care. If the documents are rejected, the Agent should contact the employee for guidance on next steps.

If you select No when asked "Force Document Approval For Order Completion" in the Agent Portal/API tab, during the ordering process the Agent should select that they have ESN that will be provided. Upon confirmation of the order, ESN will be submitted for activation (for ESNs set for immediate activation). The order will complete and leave Document Review in Pending status. The employee will then proceed with the Document Review. 



The Customer Order report (a Customizable Report on the Dashboard) includes three fields that can help you gain insight into how long it takes documents to be reviewed.  These fields are:

  • Document Submitted Date Time
  • Document Rejected Date Time
  • Document Approved Date Time

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