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Powerful Report Engine

Fusion has a powerful report engine that is divided into five main menu options:

Specifying Report Parameters and Outputs

Both Customizable and Management Reports allow you to define the selection parameters and outputs for your reports.

The parameters you identify determine the specific records to be selected for your report. The outputs determine which fields from those records will be displayed on the report. 


When you click on a report name, you will see a screen that allows you to define report parameters and outputs.  

In the example below, from the Customer Invoices report on the Management Reports menu, shows an example of the parameter choices available:

Common Date Ranges

You can specify date ranges for your reports or to select from the following common date ranges:

All dates



Last 1 Week

Last 2 Weeks

This Month

Last 1 Month

Last 3 Months

Last 6 Months

This Year

Last 1 Year

Last 30 Days

Last 60 Days

Last 90 Days

Current month to end of time

From Beginning of time to End of Last Month

30 days ago to Beginning of Time

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


You can also provide directions about the outputs of your report. Using the same Customer Invoice report, the output section looks like this:

Output Types 

You can choose from three output types:

  • Standard HTML - a report you can view on-screen
  • CSV Text File - A comma separated variable (CSV) text file that can be easily imported into Excel or similar for further data manipulation
  • Raw Data - Unformatted data

Group By

In some cases, you will see a "group by" feature for the report:

If you select "Yes", your report output will be grouped by the output fields. You will not see unique values, but rather data that can be grouped by specific fields. Line status and customer status are fields that can be grouped by; customer account and IMEI are not fields that would work in a group by.  When you select "Group By", you will see a column for the grouped data.

Here is a Customer Telephones report with output fields of Customer Status and Line Status selected, with Group By:

Here is a Customer Telephones report with output fields of Customer Status and Line Status selected, without Group By:


In addition, you can choose whether to:

  • Run Report - runs the report immediately. Once the report runs, you will see options for:

    • Report List - returns you to the Report menu
    • Change Report - brings you to the screen where you can change the parameters for the report
    • Memorize Report - allows you to store the report as a Memorized Report
  • Memorize Report - saves your selection criteria as a Memorized Report (you will be prompted to provide a meaningful name for your report).  Doing so allows you to run the report in future without having to repeat your selections. 

Customizable Reports

Customizable reports are found in the following categories and sub-categories.

  • Agent Reports
    • Agent
  • Customer Reports
    • Billing
    • Call Detail
    • Customer
    • Customer Lists
    • Customer Order
    • Debit
    • Fraud Detection
    • IVR
    • Lifeline
    • Rating
    • SMS
    • Taxes
    • Unbilled and One-Time Charges
  • Inventory Reports
    • Inventory
  • Other Reports
    • Other Reports
    • System Activity
  • Retail Reports
    • Till
  • Third Party Audit Reports
    • Third Party Audit

You can select input parameters and outputs for Customizable Reports.

Some of the reports available in the Customizable Report list are for wireline only. These include:

  • Daily Fraud Alert Detail
  • Processed Call Summary
  • Carrier File Discrepancy Summary

Management Reports

Management Reports allow you to view information for a particular time interval, such as orders in the last two weeks or total customers added by month for the last three months. In addition, these reports have drill-down capability: click on a total (such as the total number of customers added last week) and you will see a display of the detail of that total. 

Top level Management Report showing customer orders for the previous day, with City, State, Zip, Product Type, and Advertising Code:

Detail view Management Report of the two records shown in line 1:

You can select input parameters and outputs for Management Reports.

Memorized Reports

You can choose to memorize a report from the Customizable ReportsManagement Reports or One-Click Reports screens. After you do so, you will see the report on the Memorized Reports menu. From here you can:

  • Edit - will bring you back to the set-up screen of the Customizable Reports or Management Reports menu, as applicable
  • Delete - will remove the report from the Memorized Reports menu.
  • View Changes - will allow you to see all changes made to the report parameters.  

Reports that you memorize can also be scheduled via the Task System to run on a regular basis.

One-Click Reports

One-Click Reports are reports that can be run quickly, with a minimum of input parameters.  The only change you can make is to the date range for the selected report.

Saved Reports

On the Saved Reports menu, you will find reports that have been added to the job queue, either because the system has determined that the report cannot be run quickly (in which case you will see a message stating that the report will be found on the Saved Reports menu once complete), or when you select "save report" when running a report. Saved reports are kept for 60 days, after which time they are automatically deleted.  

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