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Service Orders

The Service Orders function allows you to quickly retrieve orders that match particular parameters you establish.  For instance, you can search for all orders that have been in a pending status for the last week, or search for an order by Order ID.

Access the Service Orders page by selecting Orders from the Customer Care menu. You will see a display similar to the one below:


If the service you order you wish to view is not displayed in the list, you can search for it.  Valid search parameters include:

  • Carrier - Select from the drop-down options
  • Status - This refers to the order status; you can select any of the ones displayed
  • Order Type - Select from the drop-down options
  • Order State - This refers to the customer's state of residence (on the order)
  • Date Created - You can select orders up to 60 days old, using the predefined parameters
  • Category - Select from drop-ship or pre-activated phones
  • Assigned to - Select from "All Orders," "Only Unassigned Orders," "Unassigned and My Orders," or "Only My Orders."
  • Show - You can choose to display 100, 150, 250 or 1000 records. 
  • Agent - Select the Agent whose orders you wish to display
  • Search by ESN/MEID/SIM - This option is used on its own and should be used when there is one specific order you wish to retrieve.

Viewing Records

Once you have selected an Order to view, click its Order ID to view preliminary information about the order:

From here you can

  • Cancel Order - if the order is not in a status of Complete
  • Submit Order - if the order is in a status of Pending
  • View Detail - to see more information about the order

View Detail

The View Detail area is organized by tab.


On this tab, you can update the order status, due date, and primary and secondary contact numbers. Fields that are grayed out cannot be edited. Note that the Provision Confirmation Number is not created with the account, but must be added manually later.  This field is not validated. 


The log screen provides information about the order history:

You can click View Detail in the Log Detail column to see more information about the order. This will show you information about the order's progress from construction through completion. 


The history screen shows historical details about the order. It is similar to the Log with the exception that the History tab shows you what has changed on the order (see the Old Value and New Value columns).

Telephone Lines

On the Telephone Lines tab you can see the MDN and ESN for the handset on the order. You will also see the ICCID field if the order is for a CDMA carrier. If the carrier is set up for manual fulfillment and the user is in a user group with the permission Update Order Records enabled, these fields can be edited. 


The Notes tab allows you to view and enter notes relevant to the order.


This is a wireline feature and refers to any questions that have been made mandatory for the order to be processed. 

If you click  Edit in the Action column, you will have the ability to change the response to a question, as shown above. 


The XML tab will display any XML related to the order. For instance, you can review the XML between Fusion and the carrier as it relates to the order. 


The Inventory tab will display inventory type, make/model, shipping status, tracking number, and shipping carrier (when that information is available) for the order that reserved the inventory.

Port In

If the number has been ported in, you will see a Port In tab, as described in Number Porting.

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