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Customer Services

Resellers see a menu option called Services in Customer Care, while MVNOs see a Services area in the main view of a customer's account record.   To access this area, select a customer account from the Recently Opened display on the Customer Care tab or use the search option to find a customer based on name or account.  You will initially see the Overview for the customer as shown in Customer Care.  Click the Services link (Reseller) or MDN (MVNO) and you will see:


Swap ESN/MEID, Swap SIM, or Swap MDN buttons appear only if the user is in a user group  where the user group rule "Create Customer Orders" is set to Yes.

View OCS CSR button appears only if you are using the OCS.

See Buttons below for more information about each option.

Viewable Items

From the initial services screen, you can view the subscriber's:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Phone Number
  • IMEI * The IMEI field here will display regardless of whether there is an IMEI. It there is not an IMEI, then the field will have an empty value.
  • Sync Lock status
  • Carrier
  • Activation Date
  • Current Balance
  • Past Due Amount
  • Amount of Last Payment
  • Monthly Recurring Charge
  • Billing Address
  • Date of Next Bill
  • Bill Through Date
  • Account Status


To edit the subscriber's record, click the Edit Account link in the upper right and you will be taken to the Edit Account menu. 


See Services Details for information about each button on the Services page. 

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