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An IMEI swap is simply an action that changes the current IMEI associated with a user's account to a new one. A good example of an IMEI swap would be if a customer walks into a store and wants to swap the phone they just bought with a different model. The employee of the store would perform an IMEI swap after the customer purchases the new device. This will ensure that the new device is no longer considered available inventory.

An IMEI swap can be initiated via a hyperlink the Customer Overview page in the Services sub-section as seen below. 


Performing a Swap

Clicking the "Swap IMEI" hyperlink will display one of the two Swap IMEI pop-ups seen below. 


New IMEI - This field is where you will enter the 15 (or 14) Digit IMEI Code that will be given to the customer. 

Reason for IMEI Swap - This drop down is populated by ESN Swap Codes, which allow the user to select a bit more detail about why the IMEI swap is taking place. 

Current IMEI Inventory unit status - This field allows the user to specify what status to assign the OLD IMEI. For example, if a customer is swapping a phone they bought for a different one, and the store at which they are swapping would like to resell the phone they are trading in, then selecting "Available" in this drop down would make the user's OLD IMEI available in inventory.

If this field does not display, and instead shows the message, "Current IMEI not found in inventory." this means that the IMEI the user currently has was never loaded into Fusion's inventory. This is most likely the result of a BYOD scenario where the user brought their own device and someone updated the account with the IMEI but the actual inventory unit was never added to Fusion's inventory. 


Employee Agent Override

There is a User Groups rule that will allow users to select a specific agent to assign the old IMEI to after an IMEI swap. 

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