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Customer Payments

When you initially access a customer's record from the Customer Overview menu, you will see the account status, including any payments due:

Click View to see the bill details.  Learn more about Bills

New Payment

When you receive payment from the customer, click the New Payment menu option under Actions:

You will see:

The fields that will be displayed vary based on your selection for Payment Type.  For instance, if you select Credit Card, you will see the screen above.  If you select Money Order you will instead see:

If you were to choose a Payment Type of Agent, you would see:

If you were to choose a Payment Type of Cash, you will see: 

Simply enter the amount of the payment in the Payment Amount field, then enter the amount the customer handed over in cash in the Cash Tendered field, and the Change Due field will automatically update with the amount to give back to the customer. 

Posting the Payment

Once you have completed the form entries for the selected Payment Type, click Post Payment.  You will see:

Click OK.

You will see a success message in the lower right corner of your screen and the payment menu will reflect the payment:

Payments Menu

Immediately after you post a payment to a customer account, you will see the payment record on the Payments menu.

Clicking the Payment ID will allow you to see the details of the payment:

You can click the Invoice ID to view more details about the original invoice.

If needed, you can also click Void Payment to void the payment. 

If you see the error message, "Could not post payment of $xx to account xxxx" this is because past due amounts are paid first, then money is applied to new transaction. A transaction cannot be completed unless the payment applied is great enough to cover both the past due amount and current purchase.

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