Changes in this Release

PlanList API. Added detail to the sample response for the PlanList API.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Xerox File Service Type. Made change to Xerox file processing to ensure that the correct code for wireless or wireline service is being transmitted.







Changes in this Release

GetDevceInfo. Modified the GetDeviceInfo API to be usable by Resellers as well as MVNOs.

Self-Registration in Customer Portal. Created custom rule that, when enabled for "PIN," requires the subscriber to enter a PIN when registering in the customer portal.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Query PortIn Status API. Resolved bug that was preventing the QueryPortInStatus API from executing. The API is now functioning as expected.







Changes in this Release

New Output in Customized Report. Added "Time Closed" as an output option to the Repair section of the Customer Repairs customizable report.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Batch Deactivation. Resolved bug that was preventing batch deactivations of MDNs from processing. The "Deactivate MDNs" feature is now functioning as expected.







Changes in this Release

"View Recent Usage" Date. The "View Recent Usage" report, created when clicking this option in a customer record, has been expanded to display the last 90 days of usage (previously displayed 30). This applies to all instances of this report in all portals.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Custom Questions. Moved the location of and clarified the text in the error box that appears when a custom question is not answered during online ordering. This makes it easier for the user to see which question was missed so that a response can be made and the order will proceed.








Changes in this Release

View Bill in New Tab. Made modification so that when subscribers click on the view bill link from the customer portal, the bill opens in a new tab.

Customer Account Enhancements, Added a Lifeline indicator and Business Information on the customer overview screen available to Resellers. See Customer Care.

CustomerInvoiceDetails API. Added unit information to the CustomerInvoiceDetails Response.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Lifeline Flag Setting. Resolved bug that was causing some subscribers to be incorrectly identified as Lifeline. The Lifeline indicator is now working as designed.






Changes in this Release

Receipt Printing in Agent Portal. Added the ability to print a receipt with a description of the SKU purchased and a signature line for credit card purchases via the Agent portal.

System Status Enhancements. Made changes to the format/organization of the System Status page so that each status type being reported on has its own sub-page.






Changes in this Release

Customer Invoices Report. Added two new outputs to the Customer Invoices report: Tax Description and Tax Type ID. These allow differentiation of taxes on the same level.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Order vs Account Status. Resolved bug that was causing the entire account status to be indicated as Inactive when an order was canceled. As such, accounts with multiple orders/lines were being marked as Inactive. Changes have been made to ensure that an account is statused as Inactive only if all lines on the account are Inactive.







Changes in this Release

NPA FIlter in Customizable Reports. Added the ability to filter the Customer Telephones report by NPA . See Customizable Reports.

Reason Code in SwapESN API. Added the ability to include a reasonCode in the SwapESN API.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Notes Import. Resolved issue that prevented Notes imports from occurring in Fusion. The Notes Data Imports feature is working as expected now.




Changes in this Release

PortInfo in CustomerProfile Response. Added portInfo node to the response of the CustomerProfile API.

OverrideExpireDate in Purchase API. Added the ability to include an optional overrideExpireDate field in the Purchase API. If left blank, this will default to the purchase plan settings.

Updated Lifeline Income Levels. Updated customer online ordering to reflect USAC's latest federal poverty guidelines for use in Lifeline qualification.


 Issues Resolved in this Release 

Activation Date with Completion Override. Resolved bug that was causing the activation date to populate with a date other than the date on which the order completes. This has been resolved and the activation date is working as intended. See Completion Override.

NLAD Mailing Address Fields. Made changes to file submitted to NLAD to include Mailing address fields only if billing address is valid.




Issues Resolved in this Release 

NLAD Line Loss. Ensured that when running a task that will gather a report from NLAD to identify and disconnect subscribers that have transferred out, subscribers with both "deenrolled" and "transferout" statuses are processed.




Issues Resolved in this Release 

Line Status. Made change to ensure that when an account has multiple phone lines and one of the lines is inactive while other lines are active, the customer status in the Recently Opened list shows as Active.

PlanList API. Resolved inconsistency between inventory types displayed in GUI and API. Both now show all available inventory types, not just those with available units.




Issues Resolved in this Release 

Shipment State. Resolved bug that was causing the shipment state to be populated with the first name in the list (Alberta) rather than the customer's state. This has been resolved and the shipment state selection is functioning correctly.

Shipping Address Not Saving (QuickTel). Resolved issue that prevented a shipping address from being saved on new orders that had an order address present. This has been resolved and the shipping address is being saved correctly.






New Features in This Release

Custom Fields. Added the ability to create custom fields associated with Orders. These fields can be populated during online ordering or via the FirmOrder API. See Custom Fields.

Email Event. Added a new Customer email event type, Update Order Shipment, to the available Email Templates. New variables that can be used with this new template are:

    • Tracking Number
    • Status Detail
    • Shipping Carrier
    • Status Code
    • Model Id
    • PartNumber
    • ESN
    • MDN

SMS Event Variable. Added a new variable, %ACCOUNT_PASSWORD%, which can be used in conjunction with SMS templates. See also Event List.


Issues Resolved in this Release 

Activate API. Resolved issue that was preventing the purchaseID from being passed in the Activate API response.

MDN Update to NLAD. Made change to ensure that new MDNs as a result of special ESN swaps are updated with NLAD.





Changes in this Release

CancelAutoRenewingPurchaseAPI. Made this API available to Agents as well as Employees. Use of a security token is encouraged. See Introduction to the XML API and CancelAutoRenewingPurchase.

Initial Certification Date Received. Made a change to the Initial Certification Received date field on the Lifeline tab of the customer account, allowing the value to be cleared and then replaced.

Failed Change Order After Disconnect. Made a change to prevent additional failed change order messages that occur when a change order is processed immediately after a disconnect completion.

Issues Resolved in this Release 

Make/Model Discrepancy. Resolved issue that was causing different information about make/model to display in the account overview than in the ESN tab. Make/model information is now accurate and consistent throughout the system.

Disconnect Date. Resolved intermittent bug that was causing the system to alter the disconnect date set when a disconnect order is submitted (either manually via the disconnect button or through a task). The disconnect date is now behaving as expected.

ESN/IMEI in ModifyPortIn API. Resolved bug that was preventing ESN/IMEI from being passed in the ModifyPortIn API.

Disconnect Date in ESN Swap. Ensured that the disconnect date is being removed upon reactivation during a "Special ESN Swap."

CancelAutoRenewingPurchase API. Resolved ISE that was presenting when using the CancelAutoRenewingPurchase API.





Issues Resolved in this Release 

Document Review Saving Error. Made change to allow documents to be saved with names that include alphanumeric and special characters.

Task Email Failures. Resolved issue that was preventing emails from being sent to valid email addresses upon task completion.

Line Status Change. Resolved bug that was causing disconnected lines to be set to active by the CSR.